Xperia Giftplus Card

by HDFC is a prepaid card which can be purchased at the Mall Information desk at Xperia. It can only be redeemed at Xperia Mall. It can be used for Gifting too.

  • GiftPlus is a VISA/ Rupay Card
  • GiftPlus Card can be used at domestic Visa/ Rupay merchant outlets.
  • Card is valid for a period of three years
  • Cash withdrawal is not allowed on GiftPlus Cards
  • The card can be used at HDFC Bank ATMs for Balance Enquiry
  • The Bank shall provide Net access to every card issued to you
  • Card can only be used in Xperia Mall.
  • If lost or stolen , theCard can be hotlisted through Prepaid card Netbanking / PhoneBanking
  • Should the customer want to buy the card they will have to approach the Mall Information Desk and provide basic KYC; make payment and the card can be handed over. It takes two working days to activate the card as per the Policy of the Bank & Guidelines of RBI for Prepaid Cards.