Xperia Summer Carnival 2018

Mom, I'm bored! - This is something, you wouldn't have heard, if, you had visited the Xperia Summer Carnival at Xperia Mall, Palava. Brimming with excitement, shopping and comfort, Xperia Mall was ready to welcome everyone with a rip-roaring Summer Carnival that got the little ones googly eyed with wonder and jumping with joy.

After a grueling exam schedule, the young ones deserved a break and Xperia Mall was the place to be for the same. Last year, the Angry Birds graced the Xperia Mall with awesome games, workshops, meet & greets and so much more for every visitor.

This year POGO's Super Bheem, Chutki, Tom & Jerry, Mighty Raju and Mr. Bean came to spread the laughter and have a ball of a time with Fun Workshops, Thrilling Games & Meet & Greet.