Xperia Share-a-Smile fest

Giving was never this rewarding!

In September, Xperia Mall launched the ‘Share-a-Smile Fest’ – an initiative to brighten up the festive season for the underprivileged. As part of the initiative, the customers walking into the mall were invited to donate their used apparels, toys & electronics. The customers who donated their used items were in turn provided with Xperia shopping vouchers as a token of appreciation. During the festive season when everyone celebrates and indulges in shopping, Xperia Mall spread the joy of sharing and helped put smiles across thousands of faces. The 20-day fest, which concluded on 6th October 2019, saw over 600 generous customers donate more than 3500 kgs of apparels, electronics and toys. All these donated items will be distributed by IContribute and will help bring a smile to over 5000 people, making their Diwali a joyous one.